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Most limited plastic yoyo ever
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Kapybara is the first Floutek yoyo that has been 100% made in house! This is a great advantage. It can be redesigned as many times as needed to meet high standards and desired feel. It is designed to carry familiar stable feel from Sumec. Weight 66,7g makes it slightly calmer but not too much to stop you from performing faster tricks. It is the the best yoyo for grinds that Floutek has ever made. Hyperspace wormhole like efect on the side is both visual and functional. Its concave surfaces are keeping your fingers in great position for grinds. Only 18 pieces were made and 14 pieces are for sale. 8 in USA and 6 in Europe. Grab one before it is to late!

Height : 57,5 mm
Width : 45,3 mm
Weight : 66,7 g