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Sumec is at Yoyoexpert!

Jan 26, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Sumec is at Yoyoexpert!
Sumec doplul na Yoyoexpert!

Sumec – Nickel Plated Nickel plated Sumec is the yoyo I have been promising for ages and it is finally here! It is also the final Sumec edition. No more of Sumec yoyos will be made after this one. To celebrate it it has to be something special and I think it surely is. The shape is same as original Sumec has. But after machining is has undergone three step polishing. Then is was plated and polished again. Plating also give it 0.5 g more weight (67.1 g) which gives it slightly different and a bit more special feel. 30 pieces were made and around 12 will be sold.